Saturday, September 10, 2016

Travel Home

Sitting outside the Hong Kong Airport trying to fix the double stroller.

Loading the plane.  Farewell for now China.

Luggage tag the airline had posted for us to pick up our stroller.

Early in the flight before the grumpy-tired-of-flying faces had shown up.

Totally unfair to Kati.  She didn't know I was taking a picture and was so tired.

4 hour layover at LAX.  Our bodies thought it was 3 am.

Jordan had a sweet ride.

Fun kids meal on plane.

We hadn't seen a sunset in 2 months.  What a warm and beautiful welcome home to Utah.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong Temple

Hong Kong Temple inside the courtyard.

Subway travel.

Summer on the subway.

Hong Kong, absolutely jam packed.

From inside the double decker.

From outside the double decker.

Camden and I listening the BYU football game live Sunday morning while getting ready for church.

Off to church.

The church's most expensive building.  It houses multiple chapels and 
the church office building of China.

Summer got blisters from all the walking to Mom to the rescue.

They still use bamboo scaffolding, even for the massive sky scrapers.

Shaylee on the subway.

Apartment bldg where we stayed.

View from our apartment window.

Taxi driver using 4 phones simultaneously.

More subway travel.

Hong Kong Cemetery.  The most expensive plots in the world.  

After we decided to take the family home to the US we had about a week to give the kids some neat experiences before they left.  We took them to an impressive theme park in Hong Kong called "Ocean Park".  It was very impressive but because of the heat and humidity it was a LONG day.  Part of it was also tainted because we knew when we were done we weren't going to go climb in our comfortable car.  We were going to have to board a double decker bus, take 4 different subway trains, take another above ground train and take a shuttle bus, all with for tired kids.

Australian Exhibit

This roller coaster hung off the edge of the hill side.  It was an insane view.

This sky tram went along the steep hillside up an over the mountain to get to the other side of the park.

Amazing view of the ocean and some of Hong Kong from the Sky Tram.  Too bad it was overcast.

Our little friend is named Ethan.  He was the son of the really nice 
family we stayed with in Hong Kong.